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Yachtmaster volunteer

If you hold a yachtmaster certificate, would you be willing to help us? We would welcome additional volunteers who are able to take charge of the vessel "Hardiesse" in its activities. From your … [Read More...]

Stripey toothpaste


During the winter maintenance, lunchtime in the boatshed is a an opportunity for discussing matters of importance.  Recently we were wondering how they put the stripes into a tube of toothpaste.  … [Read More...]

European Health Insurance Card

European Health Insurance Card

From time to time Hardiesse sails to the French coast.  We advise participants on a cross-channel cruise to obtain travel insurance, but besides this, we suggest you get a European Health Insurance … [Read More...]

Underway In A Swell

Volunteer request – West Briton

We are looking for adult volunteers - but before going on, if you are aged 12-18, and you are checking out this website because you saw the notice in the West Briton, you can just turn up at … [Read More...]